During the thrilling double-OT game between Wyoming and Texas Tech, Josh Allen poked Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen were riveted by the thrilling nonconference football matchup that took place on Saturday night between Texas Tech and Wyoming.

Mahomes, the double cross NFL MVP from the Kansas City Bosses, tossed for 11,252 yards in 32 games more than three seasons at Texas Tech from 2014 through ’16. Allen, a double cross Expert Bowl determination from the Bison Bills, passed for 5,066 yards in 27 games more than three seasons at Wyoming from 2015 through ’17.

As Saturday night’s down between the Red Plunderers and Cattle rustlers crawled into time to take care of business, the two NFL star quarterbacks traded pushes via online entertainment.

“we got a ball game in Laramie!” Allen tagged Mahomes as he wrote.

The Bosses QB answered by sharing the renowned “Perspiring Jordan Peele” image, suggesting he was restless as the Red Thieves battled with the Cattle rustlers at elevation.

Sadly, the QBs didn’t share postgame merriments, yet Allen posted a good “LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!” subsequent to Wyoming clutched beat Texas Tech, 35-33, in twofold additional time.