Top 8 Natural Blood Pressure Lowering Foods That Also Maintain Heart Health

Best Foods To Lower Blood Pressure: Hypertension, often known as high blood pressure, is a common medical disorder that damages the arteries in the body. It occurs when the blood pressure inside your blood vessels is continuously too high. The majority of the time, hypertension does not exhibit any symptoms. The American Heart Association states that high blood pressure damages your circulatory system and is a major contributing factor to heart attacks, strokes, and other health risks if left untreated.

It is essential to control your blood pressure with regular exercise, a good diet, and other practical actions. Your food choices and eating habits play a major part in controlling your blood pressure. The best meals to help decrease blood pressure and avoid hypertension are listed below.

Best Foods To Lower Blood Pressure


One of the best foods for lowering high blood pressure is berries. They are an excellent source of fibre, vitamins, minerals, and other vital ingredients that support general health. Anthocyanins, an antioxidant molecule found in berries, may also help reduce blood pressure.


Numerous essential elements found in bananas may improve heart health, lower blood pressure, and avoid inflammation.One prominent cause of high blood pressure is sodium intake, which is balanced by the potassium content of bananas. Beetroots

Daily use of beetroot juice or food can help decrease blood pressure.they are rich in fibre, folate, iron, potassium, and vitamin C, among other vital nutrients.High nitrate amounts in beets can also help decrease blood pressure.


Because of its high water content and potassium level, watermelon is a healthy option for decreasing blood pressure. They include healthy doses of amino acids, like citrulline, which promote arterial flexibility and relax blood vessels, so decreasing blood pressure.


Oats, a well-liked breakfast option, are rich in soluble fibre and good fats, which may provide a number of health benefits. Oats’ high fibre content contributes to a reduction in cholesterol and blood pressure.


In addition to its many other health advantages, garlic is a typical meal that helps avoid hypertension.In individuals with high blood pressure, taking garlic orally appears to lower systolic blood pressure (the top number) by approximately 7-9 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number) by approximately 4-6 mmHg.

Fermented Foods

Foods that have undergone fermentation, such soy, miso, natto, and others, can significantly lower a person’s blood pressure. Consuming fermented foods aids in the blocking of the high blood pressure-causing enzymes.


To lower high blood pressure, you should consume more yoghurt on a daily basis. It is a great source of magnesium, vital minerals, and vitamins that are important for controlling blood pressure.