Podcasts for College Students

Podcasts for College Students

College is all about having fun conversations with people who are interested in interesting ideas. Podcasts make it easy to grab and go. Listening to podcasts can help you connect with broader discussions and gain fresh perspectives that will enrich your studies. Moreover, unlike writing term papers for money, it’s a study and life help for free.

To find the best podcasts for college students, we tried to understand what is more important for every young person. It’s not a surprise that we discovered that tips on how to live fully and mindfully are top. Of course, being a good student is a good option too, but let’s see most popular podcasts students are interested in.

Podcasts are a great option for college students. You can download all of our recommendations to your device for free, so you can listen offline whenever you like. Podcasts are great for your commute and can also be used to entertain you while you do chores or exercise. Many of our top picks offer a great back catalog, so get ready to binge.

Tips for Student Life in Podcasts

Podcast: The College Info Geek, episode “Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?”

Productivity hacks and study tools, as well as thoughts about the best reading position, “The College Info Geek” has it all. Thanks to Thomas Frank and Martin Boehme, the College Info Geek is both educational and entertaining.

You can get involved with “Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?” This episode explores the personal utility in answering the clichéd question. This podcast is not for students with all the answers. The podcast also covers quarter-life crises and meandering career paths.

Podcast: Tiny Leaps, Big Changes, episode “How to overcome procrastination”

Although we’ve all heard the phrase “Rome wasn’t built in one day”, the second half is even more significant: “But they were laying bricks every minute.” Personal development can be a complicated topic, but it is easy to make changes and achieve your goals every day.

Gregg Clunis’ podcast “Tiny Leaps, Big Changes” is based on this premise. It covers wellness (start meditation), work (stop procrastinating), wisdom (balance your rational-emotional minds), and work (stop procrastinating). The advice and run time are bite-sized. Clear out clutter in your workspace. Listen to this podcast for 15 minutes.

Starting with the five-episode series, “How to Overcome Procrastination” It is amazing to understand why we procrastinate, lack of interest and lack of confidence.

Podcast: TED Talks Daily, episode “Why It’s Worth Listening to People You Disagree With”

You are probably familiar with TED Talks, the conference series on technology entertainment and design (“TED”), which has evolved into a vast media organization that offers online content, events and prizes, as well as fellowships and fellowships. Podcast “TED Talks Daily” summarizes the podcast’s incredible collection of talks into a series of audio clips that last about 10 minutes.

Expert advice and timely information — there are worse ways than 10 minutes to spend your time. Tune in while you eat lunch or every morning to start a new positive habit. Every weekday, new episodes are released. Start with “Why It’s Worth Being a Listener to People You Disagree with,” the most downloaded episode. This episode, which Zachary R. Wood once studied as an activist, encourages thoughtful engagement in controversial ideas.

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