Meet Chris Goma a Rockstar in the Making

Meet Chris Goma a Rockstar in the Making

Chris picked up his first instrument at seven years old.

First instrument: keyboard at 7. His dad wanted to get him on the keyboard but mom didn’t want that. Dad believed in his ability to hear. Chris quickly showed that he could play by ear but stopped playing after a month.

Got back on the keyboard at 9 years old casually.

Fell in love with bass at 12. Spent 2 years straight training 13hrs/day playing bass guitar by ear & learning jazz standards. He didn’t learn to read composition during this time.

Learned Donna Lee (Jaco song) that same year by ear & soon after became a virtuoso bassist. Created first composition at 12 with his brother called Hanging Out (fusion jazz track).

Growing up in an all-French school, he had to write a poem in English & present it in a unique way. He translated “beautiful girl” & sang it in front of the class. This caused a commotion in the school where other teachers came in & recorded him. This encouraged Chris to develop his voice & he began a rigorous routine of singing several hours every day.

He met his idols, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller & Stanley Clark at the Montreal Jazz Festival where they watched Chris perform. They signed his bass guitar & gave him advice.

Through this process, Chris learned how to play guitar chords (rhythm guitar) by 14. This is when he began songwriting.

In high school, he actively participated in talent shows, competitions & jumped on any chance to express himself musically. Eventually, at 18, he began playing at bars in hometown Guelph for money.

Chris’ was accepted into university with a scholarship to eventually work his way into a career in law but he decided to leave school & pursue a career in music instead. Chris is currently living in Los Angeles where he is recording his upcoming project. Instagram: @9goma

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