5 Benefits Of Adi Mudra: Recognise The Advantages Of Hand Mudra

Adi Mudra Benefits

Adi Mudra, sometimes referred to as Prithvi Mudra, is a yoga hand motion that raises the body’s earth element and encourages anchoring, stability, and vigour. Additionally, the Adi mudra eases weariness and aids with digestion. You can benefit in numerous ways by including this mudra into your regular regimen.


By establishing a connection with earthly elements, Adi Mudra facilitates a sense of rootedness and stability inside the body. By encouraging a sense of tranquilly, this can lessen sensations of restlessness, anxiety, despair, and isolation.

Energy Boost

This mudra balances the body’s energy flow, increasing vitality and energy levels. Additionally, it strengthens the root chakra, which is connected to vigour and instincts for survival. Adi mudra stimulates the pressure point and encourages energy flow in the body by enhancing prana flow, the neurological system, and the pressure point.


Thumb and index finger must be joined for this move, which is the first to activate the root chakra. Aadi Mudra helps to ease tension, anxiety, and stress in the body and mind by promoting a state of peace and relaxation.

Digestive Aid

Adi mudra is well recognised for enhancing metabolism, which stimulates the digestive system. Additionally, it relieves indigestion, gas, bloating, and constipation. To make this mudra, you must link your little finger to your thumb while extending your other fingers. It establishes a circuit that aids in the body’s activation of the digestive-related solar plexus chakra.

Strengthens Immune System

Yoga’s Adi Mudra is a hand motion that is believed to boost immunity by influencing the body’s energy.Applying pressure with your thumb to the base of your ring finger balances the body’s elements, boosting immunity and vigour.