The Forbes Agency Council Welcomes Rising Digital Marketing Agency, Double X Media

The Forbes Agency Council is a renowned, invitation-only community for senior level executives in public relations, media, creative, and ad agencies. To become a member of the council, executives must prove how they have successfully applied their knowledge and gained a wide array of experience within their industry. Perhaps the most challenging criteria for new members is being an executive of a successful agency which has generated one million dollars in revenue. The rigorous selection process ensures that only the cream of the crop of businesses get an opportunity to participate in the network and benefits offered by the Forbes Agency Council.

Among the most prominent additions to the council in 2020 is the rapidly growing digital marketing agency, Double X Media. Within the short time since its founding by Jonathan Rivera and Xerxes Frechiani in 2019, Double X Media is already making waves amongst Fortune 500 companies and local businesses alike. To demonstrate the caliber of entrepreneurs invited to join the Forbes Agency Council, the duo leverage social media, branding, partnerships, and online presence to provide staggering returns on profits for their clients time after time. In one instance, a client hired Double X Media to help grow a company that was generating twenty thousand dollars per month. Rivera and Frechiani analyzed the company’s strategy and went above and beyond, creating an infrastructure which grew the client’s other businesses to the same place, improving the client’s revenue to over one hundred fifty thousand dollars per month. In another instance, a client was having trouble breaking the forty thousand dollar a month benchmark and felt their business plateauing. Double X Media applied their innovative strategies to one of the client’s services leading to an increase of revenue to one hundred twenty thousand dollars per month and helping the client generate over two millions dollars a year in sales.

Rivera and Frechiani don’t let the success get to their heads. While joining the Forbes Agency Council has given them an even greater stamp of approval from fortune 500 companies and landed them several prominent clients, the team says that this is just another door for gaining recognition and brand equity. At the end of the day there is still no replacement for the hustle that got them here in the first place. Double X Media is currently working on expanding their global footprint and breaking into new territories across the world. The agency is implementing proven methods used in the US to rapidly accelerate growth in international markets for clients looking to be the biggest brand in their own territories or break into the US market. The agency is also continuing to grow their network of prominent brand sponsors and connecting major brands with top influencers for campaigns.

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