Apple Vision Pro may have always been used to shoot Apple TV+ shows.

A VR camera rig used to film the show for the Apple Vision Pro headset is shown in a new image that is said to be from behind the scenes of an unnamed Apple TV+ show.
The camera displayed in a Tweet by David Altizer on Twitter isn’t quickly recognizable. Supposedly, it has been being used to shoot “180 [degree] VR” for Apple TV+. If this is true, it would be extremely compatible with Apple Vision Pro’s VR experience presentation.

The majority of VR camera rigs we’ve seen and used have protruding optics for a variety of reasons. It’s not clear whether the camera’s two lenses are retracted or whether the rig is used as-is.

The claim makes some sense, given that we already know that the technologies for Apple Vision Pro have been in development for eight years. Since 2010, there has been a widespread availability of cameras that can shoot VR and 3D content for contemporary televisions and later VR headsets.

The Apple TV+ administration appeared on November 1, 2019. It appears to be sensible that the organization was ground breaking in media it delivered.

In any case, VR tossed in with the general mish-mash adds to the expense, intricacy, and creation season of media. What’s more, this limits the readiness of a maker and chief to shoot in 3D or VR.

It seems less likely that the technology shown was used to shoot content that Apple purchased for Apple TV+. Furthermore, Apple hasn’t yet been clear about accepted procedures for media planned for the headset, or how it ought to be caught by the entertainment world.

The images’ provenance cannot be verified at this time. Whether the image was actually shot on a set funded by Apple is also impossible to verify.

At the 2023 WWDC, the Apple Vision Pro headset made its debut, taking up nearly half the keynote presentation. Beyond “early 2024,” there is currently no set ship date for the unit.

At first, Apple Vision Pro is expected to only be available in the United States. As time goes on, we will expand to other nations.