10 Viral Video Ideas That Can Boost Your Channel

Youtube expert Caleb Boxx (@calebboxx) is a 20-year-old high school dropout who took the path less traveled on the road to success. In Caleb’s case, everything began when he was just 11 years old and started his first business which consisted of a Minecraft server where kids could enter to play but had to pay for additional features, kind of like any videogame. What makes this one a little different is that is was created and run by an 11-year-old. 

This is where his passion for YouTube began and his drive to help others. Caleb offers courses free of charge as well as helpful tips on his YouTube page. Here are Caleb’s 10 video ideas that can boost your channel:

  1. Quiz videos: These are fun ways to get the audience engaged in a way that does not require crazy amounts of work or showing your face.
  2. Tech videos: With Tech videos, you can earn a % from when the audience purchases the product advertised. 
  3. Luxury videos: Lux videos are catered to people interested in business and making money online. 
  4. Scary Videos: You are able to hire a writer who will write the story for you, and all you really need to do is find a narrator and put it together with a video editor
  5. Gaming videos: This is called sub-niching, where instead of talking about a game broadly, you are showing detailed, more specialized videos about that game. 
  6. Sports videos: Especially around the season starts, take advantage of the open opportunity around the sports niche. 
  7. Top 10 videos: Usually educational videos that spark the viewer’s interest. Ex: Top 10 Strangest Things That Washed Ashore 
  8. Motivational Videos: These have become increasingly popular; they are easy to make as it does not require crazy editing, and the main purpose is to motivate your audience. 
  9. Statistical Based Videos: Various viral ideas that are show an animation on various topics and their stats. 
  10. Movies and TV Shows: Find a show that is trending! You can never go wrong with this niche because there will always be a binge-worthy show out there. 

Caleb’s primary stream of income comes from YouTube Automation. In summary, YouTube Automation gives you a desirable income and lifestyle, without having to actually make videos yourself. The YouTube channel’s creator will hire other freelancers such as video editors, script writers, and narrators to construct a well thought out and create video. 

Caleb offers free training for people who want to learn more about YouTube Automation. He offers his expertise on YouTube Automation and why it’s the greatest source of passive income. As a YouTube expert himself, Caleb Boxx has built multiple YouTube Channels to over 100,000 subscribers and offers free training where he reveals a business model to help other young entrepreneurs become successful the same he has.  

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