Valve’s latest ‘Steam Game Festival’ starts February 3rd

Valve’s latest Steam Game Festival starts Wednesday, offering admittance to playable demos of in excess of 500 impending games from outside the box designers, alongside livestreamed visits and board conversations.

The first iteration of the festival occurred close by The Game Awards in December 2019, and was trailed by comparable occasions the previous fall and spring that gave independent engineers an opportunity to flaunt their titles after the 2020 Game Developers Conference was dropped.

A trailer video from Steam named Play What’s Next teases a few of the games that appear to be accessible for demo during the occasion, which incorporate Genesis Noir from Feral Cat Den; The Riftbreaker from Exor Studios; Narita Boy from Studio Koba; Almighty: Kill Your Gods from Runwild Entertainment; Fling to the Finish by Splitside Games; and Black Book from Morteshka, among others.

The latest Steam Game Festival begins February third at 1PM ET and goes through Tuesday February ninth.

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