The Prince of Rap on his latest “Break the walls”

The Prince of Rap on his latest “Break the walls”

From selling over 30,000 copies of his first album to having over a million viewers who are mesmerized by his lyrics this young doctor-rapper leaves the hearts beating for his songs.

“Break the Walls” is the latest single by this Prince of rap who now is a king of rap. This song talks about breaking barriers between the nations and the people for a better tomorrow.

“This song is versatile and different from the songs I’ve written before,” says Lazarus.

All the songs are very dear but this baby is very close to his heart as it also honors the legacy of Teflon, the man who introduced him to this song’s producer Dr.Zeus.

Teflon who was very close to Lazarus passed away before the release of the song. “Break the Walls” honors every person who is looking for a better tomorrow.

You can listen to the song here

& Buy stream download now! http://song.link/BreakTheWalls

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