The journey of Mohit Verma from Ordinary to Best Tech Blogger of India

21st century is all about Technology and online media. Yes, the digital space is on the rise in India and in the last couple of years, we have seen a significant lift in content writing and marketing.

The growth of online media, we need more, and more suitable content writers and bloggers like the western world are having in their countries. India too now having few perfect bloggers, writers who are best in Technology, fashion and other niches. Out of that few, we feel Mohit Verma is the best blogger India currently has. We might be looking biased, but it’s true, this young lad has grown a lot in the past five years. He has mastered his way to the top with fantastic writing skills and also photography. Mohit Verma’s growth has influenced many young ones in this field.

According to Mohit Verma, the bulk of the brands, both fresh and best ones, are concentrating on boosting their online presence as opposed to the traditional advertising methods.

It means we will have more opportunities in India, which is a piece of good news for everyone who is dreaming of making a mark for themselves in the digital space, especially in the field of “Blogging”.

Being a Digital influencer, Mohit Verma has become the new age spokesperson on behalf of brands. He connects to the world by using blogging as a medium.

What is good about Mohit Verma according to us is that he knows his strengths are- Technology, fashion and photography. He is running multiple platforms with his blogging like The Techgram, Gramist and his personal blog as well.

Mohit is followed by many due to his reviews and blogs on app reviews, information on new gadgets, blogs on best apps, best phones, reviews on several tech products; latest news in the tech industry.

He is also influencing his followers in fashion, travel, lifestyle even photography on his social media platforms. You can even check his profile – @itz_mohit_verma

Mohit believes and stands on his beliefs and principles. According to him, starting may be difficult, but when you write authentic content every week, and eventually you will have genuine followers as readers that will reflect on your blog.

You can learn many things from this young blogger if you are considering blogging as a career path.

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