Elvis Gjeci: Biography? Education? Aim? Career?

Numerous unfamiliar organizations have been depending on social media to publicize about carrying on with a fit and sound way of life. Utilizing the medium, Elvis Gjeci is making an unmistakable substance of recordings for some public and global organizations in the wellness business.

Where Was He Born?

Elvis Gjeci was born in 1994 in Albania.

Sports Career?

Elvis has so far won 72 races, and holds 3 major Guinness world records, consisting one about maximum pushups in a minute. He was a professional artistic gymnast for 15 years.

When he was 12 years old he was reached by the Olympic Training Center in Tirrenia where the best competitors from all around Italy got called.

Netflix Show?

In 2017, the gates of Hollywood opened for Elvis Gjeci when he participated in a Netflix TV series, ‘Ultimate Beastmaster’ which was directed by Sylvester Stallone.


Elvis uses his social media to empower the youth and drive young minds towards the path of fitness. He is one of the most viral fitness trainers of Italy and is famous for his unique workout routines. Gjeci currently has over 40k followers on Instagram.

His Aim?

“I’m glad to motivate a large number of individuals who are strolling on the way to a solid way of life. The adoration that I get inspires me to continue to go regardless”, added Elvis. With his long stretches of preparation, and now turning into a wellness and way of life mentor, Elvis Gjeci in his phenomenal vocation has won a few honors and titles. A praised gymnastic specialist, yet Elvis Gjeci is likewise generally considered as a persuasive figure whose recordings have been bringing escalated change among individuals of all age gatherings.

His Website?


His Instagram?


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