Adam Meskouri On the Importance of Social Media in Branding

When talking about social media, most people don’t see extensive opportunity. Adam Meskouri, alongside a large percentage of Gen Z, disagrees. Adam is a young social media entrepreneur who recognizes the value of an instagram page. Across all of the accounts he owns or manages for others, Meskouri has a follower network of over 2 million fans. His goal is to showcase the benefits of having a page, and what it can do for modern day entrepreneurs.

On the topic of social media, Adam Meskouri states “the biggest mistake a rising brand can make is not capitalizing on this amazing form of free marketing. It costs $0 to put up a post for thousands to see. Social media gives upcoming entrepreneurs an outlet to express their opinions and network with others. While some may see a waste of time, others see opportunity”.

Meskouri believes that social media has now become a necessity in the business world. Using his unique personality and interesting content, Adam has been able to reach millions of people through his pages across Instagram and TikTok. He mentions “There are currently an estimated 3 billion people on some form of social media. It’s a massive market that people need to recognize”.

Adam believes that social media can also act as the leading force for the PR aspect of a brand. He states “having a large amount of your customers follow your media page allows you to put out mass statements and announcements. The comments section adds to this, it makes it interactive. This leads me into my next point: establishing a personality”.

Meskouri is a strong advocate for the work that social media pages do in terms of establishing a brand personality. “You have massive organizations like Wendys taking over the social media scene with funny tweets and videos. Doing so has allowed them to develop a unique voice and has earned them viral prominence”.

Ultimately, Adam Meskouri wants to emphasize the wonders that a simple post can do for large corporations.

For those interested in learning more about Adam, follow him on instagram: @Meskourii.

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