Young Actor Jordan Nancarrow is Making Moves in the Film Industry

An actor is someone who portrays a character in a performance. And it takes a lot of hard work to build way towards that courage of standing in front of a camera. Jordan Nancarrow, a young actor, has been working behind the scenes to get to where he is today.

Jordan Nancarrow has been doing feature films and commercials starring in the known Amazon Alexa commercials, and T-Mobile. Additionally, he is recognized for his latest commercial for Subaru and most known for the commercial and face of Seattle’s Gameworks Arcade.

Born and raised in Kent, Washington, Nancarrow is pursuing a career in film & television. Nancarrow was a part of the film “Game On,” which is now available on Comcast: On Demand.

Being well known for his presence on camera, Nancarrow has had many opportunities to be a public and motivational speaker for Microsoft in London and Florida.

Nancarrow believes that it is important to “only compete with yourself,” because no one else will push you the way that you do. Everyone’s journey is different. It’s not always about moving to Los Angeles and becoming a star all of a sudden. Nancarrow says, “build your reputation out where you’re from; that way, when you do move to the big city – someone will have a gist of who you are.”

His favorite part about being an actor is the emotional freedom that comes with it. Nancarrow says he wants people to remember him for what he inspired people to do. He wants to be so real on camera that the audience can feel the emotions right through and relate to him and his work.

Jordan Nancarrow continues to grow in the film & television and is constantly inspiring the younger generation. To stay learn more about Nancarrow, check out his Instagram account, @Jaynancarrow.

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