Ways To Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

As you start using your new laptop, you want to ensure that the long use its battery is giving you right now, stays the same for a long time. But, your laptop battery can quickly start draining out if you don’t use it carefully and are irresponsible when it comes to charging it. To make sure that your laptop battery lasts long, here are some tips and tricks that can assure this. 

Use battery saver mode

There’s a reason why there’s a battery-saver mode built on your laptop in the first place. Make sure that you’re using it to avoid your laptop being drained out of battery too quickly. Using this option will allow you to save your laptop battery and give you longer use. However, if you’re into gaming or editing videos, then this might give you a loss in the performance. 

Unplugging all unused peripherals 

If you have any cables plugged into your laptop, then they are taking away your laptop’s battery power. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, try your best to always keep the peripherals that you aren’t using unplugged. Also, it’s best to get done with the use of extra cables and USBs as soon as possible so you reduce the rate at which your laptop’s battery drains away. 

Charge it before it dies

Often, people wait till their laptop is completely dead and drained out of battery to charge it again. Don’t do that as this harms your laptop’s battery. Always try your best to get your laptop plugged in as soon as you see it reaching 20%. Using your laptop when it is below 20% puts a strain on your laptop battery and causes it to lose its longevity. 

Avoid using your laptop in extreme conditions

Using your laptop is too hot or cold environments can cause the battery life to decrease over time. It will either heat up too quickly or get too cold easily. So, make sure that as you go about using your laptop, the surrounding conditions are moderate for its use. This will ensure your laptop battery and offer you a longer usage as well. Now, you won’t have to worry about your laptop heating up too quickly. 

Don’t over-charge your laptop

While some leave their laptops to die and then charge it, others charge it way too often and leave the charger unplugged for hours. This can ruin the battery cycle of your laptop and damage the battery itself. Make sure that you let your laptop charge between 20% to 80% rather than going up to 100% or overcharging your laptop. 

Lower your screen’s brightness

Your laptop’s brightness can cause great damage to your laptop battery. If you keep your screen’s brightness to high, then there’s a higher chance that your battery will lose its life quicker than if you keep it lowered at all times. 

Doing all of these will ensure that you can save your laptop’s battery and can make it last longer than ever before! Keep these tips in mind and see how much better use your laptop’s battery gives you.