What is The Dart? – The Ultimate One Hitter

The Dart is the ultimate one-hitter. 

It conserves your supply, is easy to use, discreet, and comes with an ash-eject button.

The Dart is the best smoke you’ve ever had. It’s lighting up, elevated.

Sometimes you don’t feel like smoking an entire blunt all to yourself. That’s why the Dart is there to make it easy.

“Our signature one hitter pipe is convenient, compact, and durable. Excellent for discreet smoking on the go and comes with a built in ash eject mechanism. Helps to conserve supply, provides fresh hits every time, and is a breeze to clean. For the best experience, pair your DART with one of our canisters.”

Conveniently with the Dart you can easily load, smoke, and ash at any given moment, making the whole process easy and convenient.

Check out one of the Dart’s recent customer reviews:

“Pipes, Blunts and bongs all seem too cumbersome and to be honest, childish. Having my Dart, I can take a quick hit and not have to make a scene. It’s a quality product that everyone wants to have when they see you with it! I’m a loyal Dart fan!!”

You don’t have to be embarrassed to blaze anymore. Anytime and anyplace the Dart is allowed to go, you can get the hit you need.

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