How is Focus GTS, led by founder and CEO, Dave Fox, dominating the recruiting space with explosive, unprecedented growth?

Dave explains,

“GTS works with companies around the country and using their cutting edge recruitment process they’ll typically cut in half the time it would typically take to fill a position. The Corporate Executive Board recently did a study and found that it costs a company $500 per day for an open position. With their cutting edge process Focus is saving companies thousands of dollars.

There’s a perception out there that companies can fill roles themselves, that hiring recruiters is a waste of money and this may be true for very general roles, however, as soon as you get into difficult to fill niche roles this thought process is no longer logical. You need to align yourself with an expert that can deliver.”

Part of Focus GTS’ success has been its adoption and development for complex, niche talent for cutting-edge technology in the recruiting process. Dave recounts a recent client who has explained that Focus GTS has been crucial in helping them find the best A.I. and Data Science talent for their digital initiatives. The client has aggressive growth plans within their team, and getting the right people for their projects in a timely manner has been critically important to them. Focus GTS has been a core factor in this company’s people strategy, and that of many others.

Recruiting is becoming increasingly essential as the “war for talent” becomes more intense, and as today’s workers embrace more flexibility and have more options than ever before. The costs involved with turnover, recruitment, training, and replacing great hires are substantial in terms of fixed and unfixed costs. As a finance professional, Dave understands these things intimately, and has constructed a firm that uses advanced methodology to align the right companies with the right people. 

Dave says,

“We’re building a 9-figure company. Year one we did 2 Million which is outstanding for a startup. Tony Robbin’s says that 90% of companies never reach a million dollars in sales so that’s a great starting point. This year we’ve already surpassed that and are looking at 500% growth. We believe in the next 5 years we will build a company valued at over 100 Million with multiple offices around the country. The best part is you can follow the journey on my personal Instagram @davefoxceo or our Company Instagram @focusglobaltalent”