US stock exchange, according to Sinan Ezam

The US exchange is one of the foremost popular and, at the same time, the top among important financial markets within the world. The stock exchange index has become one of the benchmarks for macroeconomic analysis among analysts. Currently (2020), the typical daily volume of $ 6 billion is traded during this market.

Large companies like Amazon, Google, American Airlines, filmmaker, McDonald’s, Walmart chain stores, Facebook, Tesla, Uber, Jeep Morgan institution, Microsoft, Nike, Boeing, etc., are trading.

Tehran stock market wordmark:

The wordmark of the Tehran stock market is taken from a brass mark associated with the Achaemenid period discovered in Lorestan province. In this symbol, four relatives are holding hands (unity and cooperation) within a circle representing the globe, a world supported ancient Iranian legends on the horns of two cows, indicating wealth and productivity. The badge is now housed within the Louvre Museum in Paris.