Pixel 6 and 6 Pro proprietors will not have the option to utilize two calling characteristics for some time

  • Google has affirmed it has briefly crippled two Pixel 6 calling highlights.
  • Call Screening and Hold For Me are presently inaccessible because of a concealed bug in the December 2021 Pixel 6 security update.
  • There’s no word on when the bug will be fixed and the highlights reestablished.

As indicated by news to Google Support Forums, Hold For Me and Call Screening have been suspended because of “a bug in the December Android update”. The post adds that the Pixel programming group is “effectively attempting to resolve this issue.” Google didn’t uncover what made the bug impair the calling highlight, nor did it give a timetable to the bug to be fixed.

part Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Owner at long last got December 2021 Security Patches a week ago. In any case, some are as yet pausing, and presently we can think about why Google is deferring the dispatch. Google has affirmed that the security update has a few bugs that for reasons unknown made the organization handicap the two Pixel 6 calling highlights for a dubious period.

Nobody likes it when every one of the highlights of your telephone are inaccessible. We trust that Google will fix this bug at the earliest opportunity. I’ll refresh this post assuming that occurs.

Perhaps Google ought to have continued to deal with that fix.

Call Screening allows Google Assistant to answer any calls from numbers that are not piece of your typical contacts, so it can screen out the conspicuous robocalls and spammers. Hold For Me allows you to call a business, with Google Duplex dominating assuming it identifies a recorded message or robot until a real human takes over on the opposite end.