Momar Sakanoko french basketball icon build a company for top athletes

The French basketball prospect is building one of the best agencies in the world. Momar retired after a successful season playing for club Bahia basket. He started to get the attention of many Nba scouts and organizations but Momar decided to change his path and realize his dream of entrepreneurship by launching his company. The…

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Regain Your Crowning Glory With Gerow Hair Ink’s Economical, Quick, & Non-Invasive Solutions

An individual’s hair is often considered their crowning glory. What happens though when, through disease, age, or a medical condition, a person loses that which they had previously taken for granted? Losing your hair at any point in life can be a traumatic experience, and it’s something that Jonathan Gerow is on a mission to…

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Matt Mahvi: from owning 3 cybersecurity US patents to serving as a role model in the industry

Cybersecurity refers to the set of technologies and processes designed to protect programs, networks, servers, electronic systems, and devices from malicious attacks, cyber threats, damage, and unauthorized access. According to serial entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert Matt Mahvi, “Cyber-attacks are a genuine concern for every organization and business as it poses a great threat to the…

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