How to make a funny video clip? According to Shayan Kaffash, a famous Iranian blogger and TikToker

Make sure to have a plan and it is so influential that the script should be compatible with the corresponding video’s environment. Always consider creativity in your display; ingenuity in your works brings the best for you. Remember that a combination of innovation and excellent acting always makes incredible shows.

Competition in creating video clips:

1- Have a strategy for the content you want to deliver

2. Pick an appropriate background for the scenes

3. It is not necessary to have an expensive camera

4- Do not use the camera microphone

5. Use natural light

6- Record in short pieces clips

7- Construct the proper formatting

8- Share your video with the world

However, there is less severe competition in posting a clip than a photo and text. This is because videos are usually restricted to certain people, even though this is not a problem. This post gives you eight tips to help you begin making your videos. You can create a video for your business advertisement at the end of this tutorial and earn extra money by creating and posting videos.