The successful blogger, Mrs. Sanam (Sanam Samipoor) explains successful entrepreneurship through blogging

The successful blogger, Mrs. Sanam (Sanam Samipoor) explains successful entrepreneurship through blogging

“Establish your weblog”

In the distant past, there were many weblog-maker services which most people used. These services were free and provide users with adequate features, however, their main flaw was that they didn’t give you server and host and you didn’t have any control over your database and also, they didn’t assign enough space for you to upload data. But recently, with the advent of technology such as WordPress content management systems, people tend to avoid old services and they prefer to organize their sites on their own. You only need to buy a good domain and valid host, then apply your WordPress site on it, and after the implementation procedure, start writing. 

Create appropriate content

These days, outstanding content of advertising is more impressive and if producing targeted and popular content is accompanied by effort and patience, you will gradually attract numerous followers. 

Adequate content consists of the items below:

  1. Outstanding context with a clear tone and no writing error (formal or colloquial)
  2. Using pictures and quality videos related to the context
  3. Taking SEO, social media, communication, and responsibility toward your followers into consideration
  4. Observing copyright and avoid copying content from other weblogs and websites

Don’t underestimate social media

We live in an era in which many people do a wide range of activities on popular social media such as Instagram, and some people also do blog work there and make a lot of money by advertising for others.

So, to become a successful blogger we strongly recommend dealing with popular social media like Instagram.

To do activities on Instagram as a blogger here is some points to be considered:

Choose a suitable photo for your profile.

Select a name, username, and clear bio relevant to the field of your work.

Put your weblog’s link in your bio. 

Create appropriate and meaningful stories related to your weblog’s posts and put the weblog’s link on your stories if necessary.

Produce suitable posts with edited pictures and also, thorough captions (with hashtags).

Improve your account security by activating a two-step login. 

Share your posts at an appropriate time where the viewing rate is at the peak.

The tips mentioned above are adequate to become a blogger but not a successful one in 2019!

You should note that there are many strong and of course popular rivals that in the first place it seems hard to compete with them. But don’t worry. There are still some tips that you can achieve your goal by following them:

Make a lot of effort, be patient, and don’t give up.

Be creative not an imitator of other bloggers.

Study regularly about success in blogging, SEO, content production, etc.

Analyze national and international successful bloggers and learn from their strengths and weaknesses. 

Create and share adequate pictures and quality videos.

Be careful with the context you write. Not any type of writing is considered content production. 

Have a plan and pursue your weblog and pages as business work, not temporary entertainment. 

Avoid buying and absorbing fake followers. Focus on increasing your followers by your content uniqueness. 

Introduce your weblogs and pages to your friends, family, and relatives and ask them to introduce you to others.

If you want to advertise for your users, do it professionally. Any excess works may lead to follower loss. 

Consult experts and specialized people in marketing and attracting online users.

Acquire knowledge on sustaining websites and update yourself regularly.

Care about your followers’ comments. Sometimes, considering users’ feedback may relieve the flaws in your work. 

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