Manu Dhaumya is the hero who doesn’t need a cape to display his superpowers. He shows it through his work and through his charity called UNITED AGAINST BULLIES.

Manu and his wife Deepa, started this around 5 years back through a simple FB page. Since then this has turned into something big. They have helped a lot of kids with many happy stories to be shared with. All the love they get from the parents and the kids is worth every minute spent promoting this cause.

Manu and Deepa have been busy organizing sports tournaments to highlight the issue of bullying. Bullying has turned into a pandemic in schools all over England. Through United Against Bullies, they are trying their bit to help the society.

Manu has been working with the local schools, counsellors and parents in his fight against the bullies. For his effort he has been felicitated with the Mayors Award and Roll of Honour, Reading Inspiration Award and awards from the local Wokingham and Reading Councils. His story has also been extensively featured in the local papers and print media.

A true superhero

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