Khawar Malik calls out people and busts the Myths as the government tells people to take preventive measures for COVID 19

Khawar Malik calls out people and busts the Myths as the government tells people to take preventive measures for COVID 19

The musician from Pakistan, who is also a doctor by profession has something to aware people about. As the COVID outbreak happened, so many myths regarding the cure and spread of Coronavirus were circulating on Social Media.

Khawar Malik was reached out by the government itself and was told to aware people and bust the myths as he has a large following on his social media platforms.

The music artist posted a photo wearing a mask that is covering his face and in the description, he mentions precise precautionary measures for the people to follow. Thousands of people benefitted and hundreds commented.

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BEWARE : There is nothing as deadly as Panic ! The information mentioned below is directly from Govt. of Pakistan and Ministry of Health. 1. Please be advised that at this point no emergency has been imposed in the country. Emergency is a very serious step and at this point in time all steps are being taken for prevention only. 2. It is advised by the govt. to postpone all activities that involve gathering of a lot of people. Do not leave your house unless it’s very necessary. 3. Corona is only dangerous to specific age groups like children and old age people. Also, people who have some underlying disease of immune deficiency. 4. Avoid touching things like railings, door handles and things which might have come in contact with other people too at public places. Use sanitizer, wash your hands with soap for at least 30 seconds with warm water. Sleep well, eat healthy and take multivitamins to boost your immune system. 5. If you have flu like symptoms, please be advised to wear a mask and isolate yourself. Any mask at this point would work. Something is better than nothing, right? If the symptoms get worsen or if you have problems breathing please contact the nearest health facility. If there’s anything that I might have missed. Feel free to mention it in the comments. Photo Credits : @xheikh.a.r SHARE this post with others. Stay safe and stay blessed. #corona #coronavirus #ehtiyatcorona

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He also tweeted a thread regarding COVID on his twitter account. He wanted people not to panic so had them know of the current situation.

The musician has influence over so many people. Just through his music, he connected and related to so many people. Amazing how a person can spread so many emotions just through music.

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