MyCIA: You get change the way you look at Menus of the Restaurants

MyCIA: You get change the way you look at Menus of the Restaurants

To find your favorite restaurant exist already several platforms, such as TheFork or other, but these usually are a breakdown by genre, by type of cuisine – pizza, sushi, traditional … – not so much specific to go into details of the dish.

To resolve this problem recently arrived on the Italian market a tool for those who want to satisfy their preferences or respect your eating style (intolerant, gluten-free, vegan and raw food) even when eating outside the home.

It’s the app MyCia that it allows you to find the most suitable dishes, filtering and ordering local and menu based on personal taste expressed in the registration phase.

Apps are, in fact, the menus of hundreds of restaurants in Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, and Turin.

“We have created MyCia as a facilitator tool that becomes part of our daily life as a faithful companion or a tech concierge – says the founder Pietro Ruffoni – and now, if I want to eat pasta with cheese and pepper in Venice, with MyCIA can achieve My desire three taps on the phone.”

Ruffoni is the CEO of HealthyFood, which in late June launched the Food Identity Card, the first digital document and free that tracks preferences and eating habits of those who fill. From Identity Card app the pace was quick. “We have become rightly demanding – continues Ruffoni – and not just when it comes to specific food requirements imposed by mandatory requirements like gluten intolerance, but also when we are crazy to want a plate and eat it at home because maybe it’s too challenging to prepare or because we want to share with friends.”

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