5 Simple and Efficient Exercises Women Should Perform Every Week to Remain Fit

Weekly Workout Plans for Women: For most women, maintaining their physical fitness is a given. The general health and well-being of a woman depend on her level of physical activity and fitness. Women’s bodies undergo a variety of changes over the course of a lifetime, so it’s important to monitor your health and take good care of your body. One such habit that might support you in keeping a fit and healthy body as you age is exercising.

Frequent exercise improves immunity, increases muscular strength, endurance, and energy levels.

Weekly Workouts For Women

Goblet Squats

Because they use the entire body, goblet squats are good for a whole-body burn. They assist in strengthening your arms and grip strength as well as your entire core, calves, glutes, and quadriceps. This is more of a variant on the squat that works the quadriceps than the back.


If time is of the essence, performing push-ups once a week can have a number of positive health effects. Pushups are a wonderful exercise for women since they speed up metabolism, enhance bone health, improve upper body strength, and help with core stability.

Reversed Rows

An excellent addition to a beginner’s exercise regimen is the inverted rose. This exercise improves scapular retraction and trains the back muscles from an alternative perspective. Inverted rows, also referred to as Australian pullups, are an excellent workout for beginners since they develop upper body strength without sacrificing form.

Split Squats

Known by another name, the static lunge, is a great exercise for strengthening the quadriceps and glutes that also helps with balance and core strength. They stimulate the growth of muscles involved in unilateral motions and primarily target your glutes and quadriceps.

Hip Bridges

One way to build your legs and glutes, two of your largest muscles, is to incorporate hip bridges into your workouts once a week.