Have your own life-size Fitbit: Matteo Arnaldi

You don’t need to walk 10000 steps or burn a certain amount of calories doing the wrong exercises when you can have a driven and determined fitness coach like Matteo Arnaldi modeling your fitness lifestyle.

His goal as a fitness coach is to “Eliminate stress from your daily life to give you a solution that will add strength and length to your life”. 

He focuses on creating a direct link between physical performance and emotional awareness to ensure that your mind and body are on the same page.

Matteo says “Usually in life, we are never satisfied, this is why I consider myself a mental coach, not just a fitness trainer”.

A fitness coach who is concerned about your mental and physical health is almost a rare combination to find in today’s world.

Following a fitness lifestyle, like all things, comes with its challenges, you will need a fitness coach like Matteo Arnaldi, who will work hard to help you achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

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