Health Tips: 7 Iron-Rich Drinks to Increase Haemoglobin

Many women often worry about having low haemoglobin levels because they believe their bodies would get weaker as a result. Feelings of weakness result from this drop in iron content, making even light physical activity difficult.

As a result, dietary changes to increase haemoglobin or iron levels are advised. Now that summer has really arrived, there is a general yearning for cool drinks. But it’s important to include items high in iron in the diet rather than just bingeing on syrups, juices, or buttermilk.

Take full advantage of this chance by adding salty juices or syrups high in iron to your summertime regimen. Drinking these drinks on a regular basis will raise your haemoglobin levels significantly in a short amount of time, which will naturally improve your health.

Beetroot is one of the main ingredients in these juices or syrups. Beetroot, which is highly valued for its abundance of folate, manganese, potassium, vitamin C, betaine, and iron, improves blood cells’ ability to absorb oxygen, which in turn supports general health and vitality.

Prunes and black raisins are highly valued for their remarkable health advantages. A cup of black sultana juice offers about 2.8 milligrammes of iron, which is a substantial iron boost. To make this healthy juice, just soak black raisins in water for 7-8 hours. This will allow their iron-rich goodness to seep into the juice, making it a strong and reviving drink.

Another food that is high in iron is mint, which has about 16 mg of iron per 100 grammes of mint leaves. You can add a personalised touch to this delightful beverage by adding your favourite spices or complimentary ingredients to make a tasty and nutritious mint juice.

Snacking on a date milkshake provides a significant iron boost. To increase the nutritional content even further, you might add almonds, pecans, sesame seeds, and other dry fruits. This mixture not only raises the milkshake’s iron level but also gives it a pleasant variety of flavours and textures, making it a satisfying and healthful treat.