Meet the son of Richard J. Geruson, Jake Geruson

Richard Geruson has been a Chairman, CEO and even a President but of all those titles, Jake knows him by father.

Jake Geruson is the next rising Instagram influencer as he quickly rose to a 40-thousand Instagram following as of recent. The teenager found this success after dedicating himself to a life goal of “spreading positivity” as a mission.

After receiving unfortunate news about his physical health that prevented him from continuing his basketball journey, the teen found a new hobby.

Being happy and making others feel the same way.

Many of his followers refer to him as somebody whose content is inspiring and influences them to be better versions of themselves daily. Geruson shares content that more so just shows the kind of person he is, like everyone else typically on social media.

Jake understands the depth of the family he comes from but also understands he can add depth to himself and make his name be just as significant. The 15-year old teenager has recently garnered the attention of many famous Instagram personalities and it is only a matter of time until Jake is categorized within that same group.

Jake was an aspiring athlete who had an unforeseen injury that forced him to find another activity to accompany the extra time placed upon him. Social media was never a thought until recent but after the growth began, he never looked back.

Geruson is projecting higher levels of growth and the trend can be expected of him. The teen is appealing to his age group and pushes a positive message for the culture.

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