How to Make a Virtual Movie without Stepping Out of Your Home

Movies enchant everyone, and you may be no exception. The fictional representations are, in fact, more than entertainment and happen to touch a million lives worldwide. But, have you ever thought that movie making can be a part of your professional team building management? Well, platforms like say they can!

The Basics of Virtual Movie-Making

You might have tried your hands on it as a part of your projects back in your student days. Perhaps it is an unfulfilled passion of yours that is still hiding within and looking for a channel to come out. Virtual movie-making can help shape up those desires while benefiting your current professional and personal life.

However, there are a few things that you must understand about this particular activity:

  • This is not similar to what they call a virtual production where the makers conceive an actual film using the digital assets before going to the physical set. The camera movements, set dimensions, lens defining—all of them are pre-placed in this case.
  • This is also not shooting a clip, editing it, and then uploading it on any social media handle that will earn you views or fame. 
  • This is not at all any career-oriented course that can establish you as a movie maker.

On some sites, this works as an exercise where you participate in a group to refresh your mind and soul from the daily drudgery.

How to Make a Virtual Movie without Stepping Out of Your Home

When you can’t get out of your home to entertain yourself, let entertainment come to you. Barely, there is anyone on earth who has never fancied himself/herself as the dashing action hero or the gorgeous leading lady. And here’s your chance.

Step 1

All you have to do is accept a Zoom invitation, and the virtual movie-making session host will divide you into small groups to recreate a scene from a famous movie. The name of the movie and your part will be given to you. And your small team will have your studio to get all of that done.

Step 2

The scene would be 3-5 minutes long, so you will receive the appropriate time to get prepared. The first job would be to draft and finalize the script. You can follow the original scene blindly or tweak it, adding your own inputs.

You would have the liberty to improvise the concept, making it more relevant. Another interesting part is the get-up. You can make your costumes using your very own wardrobe.

Step 3

All of you reconnect and act it out—you present your performance to the other team members and enjoy theirs.

Step 4

And last but not least, after all of you have put up your show, there will be a little recognition ceremony, your very own Oscars! The best performer in each category will be appreciated.

You can enjoy a virtual movie-making session with your co-workers as well as friends to transform your home-alone time into a creative and fun-filled occasion.