Google is rolling out Android Data Restore Tool to the Play Store following backup system

Google is rolling out Android Data Restore Tool to the Play Store following backup system

You probably won’t be comfortable with the name Data Restore Tool, yet chances are the vast majority of our readers have really seen the application in action previously — in the event that not when setting up a new phone interestingly, sometimes by the way in our coverage when they cover the subject. It’s preinstalled on many (They do risk to say latest) Android telephones and handles part of the interaction that relocates information between your old telephone and new one. Furthermore, very quickly after teasing an entirely new simplified backups system, presently Google is bringing the application to the Play Store.

So particularly far as should be obvious, the Play Store listing went live at some point between July nineteenth and 22nd. As it’s preinstalled on such countless telephones, it’s as of now came to over a billion downloads somewhat recently, and in case audits are anything to pass by, people are confounded about its unexpected new appearance on the Play Store.

Point out that this is not quite the same as the Data Transfer Tool that Google carried out to the Play Store back in 2017, apparently explicit to Pixel gadgets at that point and mostly replacing the significantly more established Data Transfer Tool, last refreshed in 2017 as per the Play Store listing. The new application additionally appears to acquire the application listing images of the Data Transfer Tool.

Testing with a few phones they have close by, a form of the Data Restore Tool application is now preinstalled on numerous gadgets, including late Samsung telephones. As you’d probably expect, given there’s now a different Pixel-explicit application, the most striking exclusion is that Google’s own Pixels don’t have it — that is, except if they’re running Android 12. It additionally will not introduce on Android 11 Pixels or numerous different devices that have a more seasoned form of the application previously installed.

On that note, Google’s store is distributing a newer version of the application than we’ve recently seen. Indeed, even Android 12 Beta 3 dispatched with a 1.0.375544850 beta delivery, however the adaptation being pushed on the Play Store is a considerably later 1.0.382048734. We realize that first form incorporated some Material You changes to the gadget arrangement measure, so we accept that they’re incorporated into this later form also, however rapidly playing with the application on non-Material-You Android 11 gadgets, we didn’t see any handily spotted contrasts.

Some society guarantee they’re experiencing difficulty dispatching the new form of the application independent (i.e., from the Play Store posting), however since that is not actually how it’s intended to be utilized, it’s likely not an issue. They would expect the new form will work effectively when set off to set up a new device.

It’s somewhat curious that this would happen similarly as Google is rolling out a new and more improved on backup system for Android. They wouldn’t be shocked in case this was connected here and there and either this new form of the application is attached to the forthcoming changes or Google’s just preparing the Play Store posting for a more attractive show of the new features.

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