Google ends effectively ‘unlimited’ group video calls in Meet for free Gmail accounts

Google has stopped its effectively “unlimited” group video calls in Meet free of free Gmail accounts, as per support pages spotted by 9to5Google. Presently clients with free accounts logging on to Meet will have group calls capped at an hour as opposed to the past 24-hour meeting duration.

Google’s unlimited group meeting offer was useful in light of the fact that so numerous generally in-person works moved online because of COVID-19. Not agonizing over a call cutting out or creating new meeting links implied you could leave your video approach during long family social affairs.

Get was opened together to non-enterprise clients in April last year to all the more likely rival Zoom, and at the time Google vowed to keep unlimited meetings set up until September 30th, 2020. The organization later expanded that window into March of 2021, and afterward again until the finish of June.

Google actually permits one-on-one calls to keep going as long as you need, yet heading into the second pandemic summer, longer group calls will presently cost extra — like an as of now $7.99 each month subscription to Google’s Workspace Individual level ($9.99 every month after January 2022).

Like Google, Zoom’s one-on-one calls are unlimited and free, yet group calls have been dealt with in an unexpected way. Zoom has occasionally extended past its minute meeting limit during explicit holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve.

Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams all began as business communications products that were embraced by non-business clients in the beginning of the pandemic. Presently that a portion of the gifts are disappearing, it’ll be fascinating to see which services individuals stay with.

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