Isaac Bradley talks about what motivates him to be a good artist:

Isaac Bradley talks about what motivates him to be a good artist:

“I love music and acting; however, this industry is tough and can definitely be difficult business-wise. You really have to have thick skin because rejection happens all the time.” – Isaac Bradley

Isaac Bradley is a talented entertainer, with forays in both singing and acting. He is a very cool and low-key person but his vibe and energy are unmatchable, he has an extroverted side of himself. His first love is always music and he can work all day on it because the only reason he lives for now.

Everyone who succeeded has faced difficulties in their life, when we asked how he fights against the odds and what keeps him to stay motivated, Isaac Bradley replied, “I always focus on God and what I can control. In life, you can’t control other people or things you can only control yourself. I’ve realized over time that once I focus on what I can control I become more powerful. In terms of conflict, I try to de-escalate any situation however, I believe that being fearless is ultimately the key. Human beings respect you more when you are fearless and not afraid to confront them. I believe that I’ve always had the ability to get up and keep moving after any setback. Know your purpose in life and be tenacious in pursuing it.  There are so many things that motivate me but honestly, it’s love. What I mean by that is love for my music, art, family and friends. You can try to be motivated by vices but love is the greatest motivator. Even if you’re seeking justice and want to prove your critics wrong it comes from a love for whatever it is that you’re fighting for.”

Isaac Bradley has acted in many Tv shows and films, he has also performed musically at numerous venues throughout the United States. His favourite celebrities are Prince, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Oprah, Denzel Washington, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Sidney Poitierm. Currently, he is executive producing a film for Don B. Welch titled “BABYGIRL”. It is about child sex trafficking from the perspective of a young African American girl. Isaac dreams of buying a property by a Lake and creating music all day. We can say that Isaac Bradley will gain more respect and name due to his hard work, dedication and love towards his work.

There is a lot more we can expect from Isaac Bradley in the future. Make sure you follow him for updates regarding his new releases both as a musician and actor.


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