Google Doodle Celebrates Japanese tradition ‘Tanabata 2020’

Today’s Doodle celebrate Tanabata (七夕), a yearly Japanese custom that recognizes the famous gathering of two heavenly sweethearts kept separated by the immense breadth of the Milky Way.

First saw in Japan’s royal courts as ahead of schedule as the eighth century, Tanabata is gotten from a Chinese legend which goes back a few centuries. The story recounts an upset sentiment between a princess and weaver named Orihime and a bovine herder named Hikoboshi, delineated in the Doodle craftsmanship. When marry, the couple started to avoid the obligations of their work, and as discipline they were cast away to inverse sides of the cosmic system by the lady of the hour’s dad. He permitted them to meet just once per year, on the seventh day of the seventh month.

Look into today and trust in clear skies! As per the legend, the two star-crossed darlings can possibly meet if the climate is reasonable.

Happy Tanabata!

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