Big Ten releases 2020 football schedule: 10-game conference slates start Sept. 3, Ohio State-Michigan on Oct. 24

The Big Ten Championship Game is set to be played on Dec. 5

In an surprising announcement, the Big Ten discharged its total 10-game, meeting just school football plan for the 2020 season on Wednesday. The calendar arrangement will be contained each group’s recently booked nine-game gathering record alongside one extra game against a cross-division rival.

The Big Ten will start messing around sooner than all other Power Five meetings, beginning in the customary Week 1. It has games on Thursday and Friday of that prior week starting association wide on Saturday, Sept. 5. The ACC is starting play the next week, the Big 12 presently can’t seem to choose, and the SEC and Pac-12 are commencing their seasons on Sept. 26.

The 10 Big Ten games will be played more than 12 weeks with each group having two off weeks. Week 13 on Nov. 28 is off alliance wide as an extra date to make up games if essential. This adaptability in the timetable takes into consideration games to be moved and the potential for pushing back the beginning of the period completely. While this declaration expressly states dates and games, nothing is unchangeable.

“One of the reasons we went to 10 games was to provide our schools with flexibility, to play 10 games over a 12-week period with a couple of open weeks that we can move games into,” Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren told The Athletic. “There has been a great deal of collaboration with this. To be able to work on the schedule with athletic directors, coaches and our conference staff — anytime you can work together in a collective manner, the better chance you have for success.”

The Big Ten Championship Game is right now planned on its unique date of Dec. 5 yet could be moved to Dec. 19. The Big 12 likewise plans to play its association title game on Dec. 5, while the SEC and Pac-12 have just pushed their games back to Dec. 19. The ACC still can’t seem to choose.

The marquee Ohio State-Michigan game, one of the most viewed in school football each season, will be played on Oct. 24 denoting the first run through the Buckeyes and Wolverines will get down to business before November since 1933.

With the college football scene moving in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the Big Ten declared that it meeting individuals will lead two COVID-19 tests every week, twofold the base NCAA rule of one test taken as long as 72 hours before starting rivalry.

Check out the full Big Ten schedule below: 

Week 1 (Sept. 5) 

Ohio State at Illinois (Thursday, Sept. 3)
Indiana at Wisconsin (Friday, Sept. 4)
Maryland at Iowa 
Minnesota at Michigan State 
Nebraska at Rutgers 
Northwestern at Penn State 
Purdue at Michigan 

Week 2 (Sept. 12)

Illinois at Nebraska 
Iowa at Purdue 
Michigan at Minnesota 
Wisconsin at Northwestern 
Penn State at Indiana 
Michigan State at Maryland 
Rutgers at Ohio State 

Week 3 (Sept. 19)

Illinois at Indiana 
Iowa at Minnesota 
Wisconsin at Nebraska 
Northwestern at Michigan State 
Ohio State at Purdue 
Rutgers at Maryland 
Penn State at Michigan 

Week 4 (Sept. 26) 

Purdue at Illinois 
Nebraska at Iowa 
Minnesota at Wisconsin 
Maryland at Northwestern
Indiana at Ohio State 
Michigan at Rutgers 
Michigan State at Penn State 

Week 5 (Oct. 3)

Northwestern at Iowa 
Minnesota at Nebraska 
Wisconsin at Maryland 
Michigan State at Michigan 
Penn State at Rutgers 

Byes: Illinois, Purdue, Indiana, Ohio State

Week 6 (Oct. 10) 

Iowa at Illinois 
Indiana at Minnesota 
Nebraska at Ohio State 
Purdue at Wisconsin

Byes: Northwestern, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Rutgers 

Week 7 (Oct. 17)

Illinois at Northwestern 
Rutgers at Purdue
Michigan at Indiana 
Maryland at Penn State 
Ohio State at Michigan State

Byes: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin

Week 8 (Oct. 24)

Illinois at Wisconsin
Iowa at Penn State 
Purdue at Minnesota 
Nebraska at Northwestern
Maryland at Indiana 
Michigan at Ohio State 
Rutgers at Michigan State

Week 9 (Oct. 31)

Minnesota at Illinois 
Michigan State at Iowa 
Penn State ate Nebraska 
Northwestern at Purdue 
Wisconsin at Michigan 
Indiana at Rutgers 
Ohio State at Maryland

Week 10 (Nov. 7)

Illinois at Rutgers 
Indiana at Michigan State 
Maryland at Michigan 
Ohio State at Penn State 

Byes: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue, Wisconsin 

Week 11 (Nov. 14)

Wisconsin at Iowa
Northwestern at Minnesota 
Nebraska at Purdue

Byes: Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers 

Week 12 (Nov. 21)

Penn State at Illinois 
Iowa at Ohio State
Minnesota at Maryland 
Michigan State at Nebraska 
Michigan at Northwestern 
Purdue at Indiana 
Rutgers at Wisconsin

Week 13 (Nov. 28)

Byes: All 

Week 14 (Dec. 5) 

Big Ten Championship Game

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