5 Ways to Improve Your Bedtime Routine

Do you have a routine for everything you do? If so, it is possible you also have a bedtime routine. Going through the same motions each night is vital, but it can be boring. Most sleep routines are similar, eat dinner, catch up on a series, take a bath, brush teeth, and sleep. Therefore, you must change it up to make it a time to look forward to every night. Although you may feel there’s no need to change it up, the small changes you will implement in your bedtime routine will improve your entire night. In this article are ways you can improve your bedtime routine.  

  1. Tailor the beddings to your body 

Everyone is unique and different bodies have different needs. Pillows and sheets are of different fabrics, and you need to know which ones are the best for you. To sleep well at night, you need to know your body well. Consider if you sweat at night, have sensitive skin, the position you sleep in, among other important considerations. In this way, you can tell the best beddings to compliment you and help you feel the most comfortable. For example, if you get hot at night, linen beddings are better than heavy satin. For the choice of your pillow, choose a thin one if you sleep on your back, a thinner one if you sleep on your stomach, and a firm one if you sleep on your side. As for which Beautyrest to buy, it depends on how firm you like your mattress. 

  • Improve air quality 

Air pollution, according to studies, harms sleep. These are the particles in the air, like dirt and dust, that irritate your sinuses and throat. As a result, they lead to breathing problems and disrupting your sleep. For this reason, it is vital to improving the air quality in your bedroom by investing in an air purifier to eliminate pollution and allergens. If you live in a dry climate, use a humidifier to increase moisture in the air. Plus, ensure your bedroom is free from clutter and well aerated. Sleep in clean beddings too by changing them once or twice every week.  

  • Choose double-duty skincare products 

What skincare products do you use at night? You can use a night cream that helps enhance your skin and also promotes sleep. Yes, there are such products in today’s skincare market. These products work overnight to hydrate and nourish your skin. As a result, it makes you wake up looking naturally dewy. Night creams are great as they minimize the appearance of wrinkles and collagen to help soften and smoothen. Also, brush and floss your teeth to ensure you maintain good hygiene as you head to bed to sleep feeling relaxed. Take a bath to calm you down and drop your body temperature, which is essential if you want to sleep fast. 

  • Focus on completed work 

Avoid going to bed thinking of all the tasks you did not finish. This is a poor bedtime habit that most people are guilty of, and it affects the quality and quantity of sleep they get. Since it leaves them feeling anxious or stressed and they are not remedies to help you sleep faster. For this reason, do not dwell on what you were not able to do and focus on the things you successfully finished on your to-do list. In this way, you will feel satisfied with what you accomplished instead of feeling defeated with what you can easily do the next day. Also, it helps to write down your worries and to-do list to prepare for the next day. Jot down all your worries and things to do to calm your mind for sleep. 

  • Ban the blue light 

By now, most people have heard about the negative effects of blue light from devices at night. Whether it is from your phone, TV, or any other blue light-emitting device, the blue light prevents your body from producing melatonin. To promote the sleep-inducing hormone naturally, use dim lighting like salt lamps, amber bulbs, and candles. This creates a relaxing atmosphere signaling your body it is time to wind down, and it helps you get the best sleep at night. 

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