5 Delicious Masoor Dal Recipes to Control Your Blood Sugar

Diabetes Masoor Dal: Masoor dal is safe and healthy for diabetics because it has a low glycaemic index (GI).

Diabetes has turned into a significant wellbeing concern. An increasing number of people are diagnosed with this fatal condition each year. Sudden rises in blood sugar levels are its hallmark. Although genetics undoubtedly play a role in the onset of diabetes, our daily dietary choices also have a significant impact. People with diabetes are often told to avoid packaged and sugary foods and eat more nutritious foods like lentils. Masoor dal, also known as red lentil, is one such food that is popular and thought to be good for diabetics.

What Makes Masoor Dal Beneficial for Diabetics?

Because it contains complex carbohydrates, masoor dal breaks down slowly in the blood and is absorbed. This keeps blood sugar levels from going up suddenly. Masoor dal is safe and healthy for diabetics because it has a low glycaemic index (GI). When it comes to how often masoor dal should be consumed, consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta recommends eating whole dals like rajma, moong, and masoor at least once per day.

Masoor Dal can be consumed in five interesting ways to treat diabetes:

  1. For Indians, Masoor Dal Khichdi Khichdi is the ultimate comfort food. In addition to being nutritious and light, it is regarded as one of the best diabetic meals. Masoor dal is used to make this particular khichdi, which is a great option for when you want a quick but delicious meal. Ghee drizzled on top, serve hot. For the entire recipe, please click here.
  2. Parippu Curry in the Style of Kerala Following that, we bring you an exciting masoor dal recipe straight from Kerala. In this recipe, masoor dal is cooked with a magnificent coconut glue and afterward finished off with a coconut oil tadka. You’ll want to eat this curry right away because of the aroma. Give regular curries a break and give this curry from Kerala a try right away! The entire recipe can be found here.
  3. Masoor Dal Dosa

In the event that you’re a dosa fan, this masoor dal dosa will be a charming change. This one has masoor dal in addition to the usual rice and urad dal batter. You can likewise add a few green chillies to it in the event that you favor a kick of zest. This dosa will definitely make you want to make it again and again, whether for breakfast or dinner. For the entire recipe, please click here.

  1. Hyderabadi Khatti Dal

The word ‘khatti’ means ‘acrid’ in English, and that is precisely exact thing this Hyderabadi dal is about. This dal’s distinct flavor comes from the use of tamarind (imli) water. On the other hand, tomatoes give it a tangy flavor. This interesting dal is a combination of flavors and works out in a good way for steamed rice, roti, or even Hyderabadi biryani. Click here for the total recipe.

  1. Bengali style Masoor Dal

Last but not least, this masoor dal in the Bengali style will be a delicious addition to your diabetes diet. It is imbued with kinds of nigella (kalonji) seeds, haldi, mustard, and chillies.