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In the city of Chicago, in the great state of Illinois lives a talented artist by the name of “XTORMY”. This positive minded upbeat triple threat singer is making noise with his newly released EP “EGOISM”. He’s pretty excited about the release, and so are his fans, his friends, and his family members abroad. The design of the project is like something out of the “Matrix”. Be sure to check it out! 

Xtormy has always had a love for the arts. Entertainment seems to be the one thing that has allowed him to express himself as he truly is. The upcoming singer, songwriter and dancer knows how to captivate audiences with his smooth moves and contagious lyrics. Early on, music, dance, and musical theater were the initial breeding ground for the success of this rising star. 

Role models usually help shape the ideas and direction of an artist looking to get into the industry. When it came to Xtormy, hewas influenced by some of the best icons around. Artists like Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Motown, Darryl Coley, Fred Hammond and Judy Garland are just a handful that helped shape the direction of Xtormy’s career. Listen for the influence of these artists on the new 2021 cross-genre EP “EGOISM”The Project is out now and can be streamed on all platforms! 

Xtormy has opened up for some pretty well-known artists over the years. People like the Chi-Lites, Thea Austin, Debbie Allen and the multi-talented Grammy award winning Malik Yousef. Never underestimate the power of your passion. If you can think it, you can do it. All dreams start with a desire. Follow your heart! 

“My grandmother used to wake me and my cousins up in the morning, and when she did she would always say: “Get up and do something! Nothing comes to a sleeper”, the singer explained. This is the meaning behind the song “JAR ON THE FLOOR”, which can be heard on the new EP.The song also references musicians and civil rights activists in the African-American community.

“Jar The Floor”.                – XTORMY

“EGOISM” is available now! Stream it on your favorite platforms!Link up with XTORMY on the web.

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