Weight loss: Can walking after dinner help you lose weight?

It is constantly encouraged to pick an exercise that you appreciate, essentially on the grounds that that way it is simpler for you to stick to it. Walking after suppers is one such simple exercise, which anybody can do on a regular premise. It is also said that a stroll after the last meal of the day can do wonders for your body and help you lose weight.

Walking and calorie burn

To lose ½ kg of fat, you have to consume around 3,500 calories, while walking for 1.5 km causes you consume around 100 calories, which can be expanded by walking quicker and for longer span of time. To expand your fat consuming potential, you should attempt to stroll at a pace of 3 to 4 mph. To accomplish your weight reduction results through walking, ensure you walk each day after you have your supper.

Myth about walking after eating

A popular myth cautions people against exercising after dinner as it can lead to cramps and other digestive issues. This happens because our digestive system normally receives 20 to 25 per cent of the blood pumped by the heart. After having a meal, this number almost doubles, which can cause cramps in your muscles if you engage in any high-intensity exercise.

In any case, going for a simple 15-20 moment stroll after dinners really helps digestion.

How to start

In the event that you need to get more fit by walking, you must be customary with it. Begin by strolling for 10 minutes consistently after supper and gradually increment your time and go for 30 minutes every day. The benefits will rely on the recurrence and span of activity.

Not soon after dinners, you can likewise expand your walking time by leaving your vehicle away, strolling to close-by spots as opposed to driving and taking stairs rather than the lift. The more dynamic you are for the duration of the day, the more noteworthy are the odds to get in shape.
If you are hesitant to make waking a part of your daily routine, try this!

Exercise with a friend

You are more likely to stick to a routine when you have a partner with you. Walking while you are talking to your friend will make it easier.

Set goals

Start small and set goals so that you can track your improvement.

Stick to your schedule

If you have decided to walk for 15 minutes after dinner, do it every day. Do not skip your schedule.

Focus on eating a healthy diet
Combining daily physical activity along with a healthy diet is the only healthy and sustainable way to lose weight. Add whole grains, fruits and vegetables and cut refined sugar and fat from your daily diet.


Once you lose weight, you will need to continue with your after-dinner walks to keep those extra kilos away.

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