Talha Nasir: The man and the mind behind the exponential rise and growth of business industries in Dubai

Talha Nasir: The man and the mind behind the exponential rise and growth of business industries in Dubai

Talha Nasir exudes every quality and virtue of being one of the most successful entrepreneurs of modern times.

When people talk about being good at everything, they mean individuals must strive to keep working on their skills, learn more things each day and try to implement the same in their work. This attitude of hustling and working each passing day helps individuals to get nearer their definition of success and also motivates others to believe in their dreams. Talha Nasir is amongst these young entrepreneurs, who at a very young age has come at the forefront of multiple business industries and has made his special place in the entrepreneurial world of Dubai.

Dubai is a place that the world knows as one of the most developed and a place that is driven by individuals and companies radiating their passion for creating milestones in the business world. This is probably one of the reasons why Dubai is also known for giving endless opportunities to business owners and newcomers in the entrepreneurial world. Talha Nasir shifted to Dubai six years ago and since then has been hustling day and night to turn all that he touches into profitable ventures. This is allowed the youngster to become a multiple business owner who owns three businesses, including a car rental brand known as Drive plus Rent-a-Car, a cafe called Pipes Shisha Lounge and Café and an energy drink brand by the name D1 Energy.

Talha Nasir believes that the foremost thing for any aspiring entrepreneur today is to know whether they feel passionate about what they are doing. This is perhaps the first step towards success as this very passion helps entrepreneurs to stick to their plan, help them be resilient and adapt to any changing situations, circumstances or trends of the business world.

“I may face failures sometimes, but I want to keep moving, keep climbing mountains and keep achieving all my goals in life,” says the 31-year-old serial entrepreneur from Dubai. He has proved that the amalgamation of the right ideas and business attitude can turn any ordinary business into extraordinary. Apart from his business ventures, the young entrepreneur is also the Chairman of a charitable organization named Light4Life charity. This venture of his is passionate to help people in need across the globe in ways more than one.

Right now, Talha Nasir wants to focus on his cafe and grow even more in the coming years and wants to open five branches of the same in different parts of the world. To gain more information about this young and powerful business owner, follow him on Instagram @kingtnas.

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