As an entrepreneur, several challenges and hassles are faced daily in business. The issues of juggling clients, meeting demands and deadlines, coming up with creative ideas, partner management, raising capital, and so on are pretty strenuous. 

These can result in developing burnout symptoms. The challenges are more difficult for women and mothers in the entrepreneurial world because of the family responsibilities they saddle at the same time.

Stephanie Caballero-Martin is an outstanding entrepreneur that understands how to juggle the roles of being a mother and running a business simultaneously. The mompreneur runs Tranquil, an online-centered health store that sells products intending to solve women’s health issues like menstrual cramps, back pain, body aches, and other related discomforts that women face. 

At the time of commencing her business venture, Stephanie knew that it would come with some challenges and a high level of demand for her time. However, when she considered the options of working in an office environment or setting up her business, she chose the latter because of her passion, and the stress has not deterred her.

When my family and I decided that we wanted to venture into the world of entrepreneurship, my life took a different meaning. Although being a mompreneur is a blessing, I didn’t think so in the beginning,” Stephanie said.

She further said:

There were times when I was delusional for thinking that this could even work and wanted to give up. The responsibilities are challenging and tiring sometimes, but I am glad about my decision and would not change it for the world”. 

Overcoming Stress and Burnout

Nowadays, it seems impossible to avoid stress and burnout, especially for Stephanie, who simultaneously handles her business activities and family roles. However, she realizes this fact and patterns to overcome the stress that comes with her responsibilities. When asked about how she juggles these duties, Stephanie said:

There has to be a balance and shared responsibilities when it comes to being a wife, mom, and an entrepreneur. When I find myself getting stressed out, I close the laptop, put down the phone, and have some alone time for my family and meme and my . I use the three simple things, that is, relax, renew and restore. So far, it has helped me over the months”.

Stephanie understands that stress is a part of our daily life. However, she believes that one must decide if what causes the stress is worth worrying about. 

According to her:

Stress is a part of everyone’s life, and you must ask yourself if the reality is worth stressing over. Take breaks when needed because it helps to refocus on the business. I have realized that a lot of things that we stress over are really worth the stress. Sometimes, I take a deep breath, communicate and share my responsibilities. This helps me tremendously”.  

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