‘No Man’s Sky’ is receiving a ‘visual overhaul’ and flying pets in major upgrade

‘No Man’s Sky’ is receiving a ‘visual overhaul’ and flying pets in major upgrade

Hi Games has made a habit of dropping massive updates for No Man’s Sky reasonably habitually. The 3.5 fix, which is called Prisms, brings a visual overhaul to the space exploration sim alongside some gameplay changes. The update adds new texture effects, biome detail, skies, reflections and warp effects, along with enhanced lighting, rain and particle effects.

There’s support for screen space reflection on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One X. Hi Games says the tech brings reflective surfaces and improved lighting quality to numerous locations, including the Space Anomaly, space stations, Atlas stations, freighter hangars and derelict freighters.

The game currently harnesses colored and directional volumetric lighting to add some atmosphere, including to Sentinel drone searchlights and spaceship headlights as well as the glow of bioluminescent flora. The Exosuit torch, meanwhile, now has dynamic brightness.

Caverns and subterranean biomes have improved lighting and more detailed and diverse environments, while parallax occlusion mapping technology carries expanded depth and definition to flat surfaces. You can likewise hope to see refractions and more stars in space and night skies.

NVIDIA as of late reported support for its DLSS innovation in No Man’s Sky, incorporating when playing in virtual reality. The fix empowers the feature for PC clients with a viable RTX graphics card.

With respect to the gameplay, there’s a more wider range of creatures that you can adopt as rideable pets, including flying critters. Photograph mode has upgraded depth-of-field quality and improved controls, including manual control over bloom settings. Tracks you make with the Bytebeat Synthesizer can be added to a library and utilized as a custom soundtrack while you investigate. You can share your creations to different players too.

Another terminal in the Space Anomaly’s blueprint research area offers recipes for crafting in the event that you fork enough nanites, one of the currencies in No Man’s Sky. There are some personal satisfaction overhauls, as well, including an icon that appears when items are added to an inventory. The Prisms update is accessible on all platforms starting today.

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