Social Video Expert Dalip Celbeqiri Talks About How He Achieved 3 Billion Viewers On DIY Simple

Dalip Celbeqiri is the founder and CEO of DIY Simple, a video content digital Agency that partners with clients to increase their engagement and connections.

The content of DIY Simple ; focuses on Crafting and Creative content and it targets the people who have a need to personalize. The DIY Consumer mindset is about more than just doing projects on their own, they want to make it their own. And as a brand we wanted to capitalize this desire through our social video content. With focusing on the content related to DIYers, their page has seen a humongous growth on Facebook. Speaking about delivering perfect content to the audience, Dalip said, “For us, perfect content was one which would instantly connect with our follower, without making them feel as we were feeding them content artificially. Creating that one post would require more than “A Few hours”. ” Dalip Celbeqiri with DIY Simple and their potential of creating perfect content has not just led them with a reach of 3 Billion Video viewers within their Brand Launch on Facebook but also made them the most established names in the field of content creation.

Dalip Celbeqiri can be reached on Facebook and Instagram

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