Seven Delectable Snacks to Accompany High Tea

Every year on March 8, people all across the world observe International Women’s Day to honor the political, social, economic, and cultural accomplishments of women. The purpose of the celebration is to highlight gender equality. It honors the strides and accomplishments made by women, the continuous fight for equality they face, and the necessity of continual global action and advocacy.

Even though Women’s Day is only observed on a particular date, you should still treat all the women in your life with the dignity and respect they deserve. But on this particular day, when everyone celebrates Women’s Day, make it extra special by honoring your women with a special high tea. Make unique snacks for all the women in your life on this Women’s Day.

These are some tasty and simple snacks that you may prepare for all the women in your house. See the text below:

Paneer Tikka

The first food on the list needs to be this one. The delectable tikka is a universal favorite and a crowd-pleaser. It is incredibly flavorful and simple to prepare. After being marinated in an abundance of spices, the charred paneer cubes are grilled. All the women out there will adore the panner’s luscious, soft texture.

Idli Chilli

Add different condiments to your idlis to give them an unusual flavor, whether they are fresh or leftover. By making chili idli, you may experiment with idli and give it a unique taste. Idlis are used in place of chicken to provide a unique spin on South Indian idlis. The idlis are sliced into cubes and mixed with different sauces, onions, and capsicum. Onion greens are used to garnish them.

Pakora Pyaaz

This is a well-known street meal and a common snack in Indian homes. In addition to tasting well, they are very simple to prepare. This is a tasty tea-time snack that goes well with a steaming cup of tea. Onion fritters, also known as pakoras, are deep-fried after being dipped in a concoction of besan and other spices.

Indian Bread with Masala

There is no need to chop or peel masala bread. In this case, blending the masalas is all that is required before dipping toasted bread into them. The breads are toasted or pan-fried till crispy and golden brown, following a liberal coating of flavorful masalas.

Sweet Potato Smiley

Give your women potato smileys to make them grin. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also delightful to consume. Because of their distinct look and flavor, these snacks make us happy. In addition, they are quite simple to manufacture. They are either baked or fried after being spiced.

Chicken Sandwich

Sandwiches are widely regarded as the ideal snack, and adding chicken to them can enhance their flavor and nutritional value. This is made by toasting a piece of bread, adding shredded boiling chicken, mayonnaise, and a variety of veggies to it, then covering it with another piece of bread. It’s simple to prepare and enjoy this snack with your significant other.

Chilli Potato

Try this alternative if you’re sick of eating standard potato French fries. To make chilli potatoes, mix sliced boiling potatoes with salt and sauce. They give a savory, peppery flavor that is very enjoyable during tea time.