Roman Shapovalov lays out the top three skills that he believes can turn entrepreneurs successful

Roman Shapovalov stands tall as one of the leading real estate entrepreneurs and investors in the US, with a growing clientele.

Getting into the entrepreneurial space is no walk in the park. It takes a lot from a person in his/her journey to reach an influential position from where the individual can set an example for others in the world. Roman Shapovalov who hails from Belarus grew up with big dreams in his eyes to make his name as a businessman. After shifting to the US with his family, he worked day and night to make this dream of his a reality. For the same, he worked at different places and earned different experiences, which only made his dream stronger to become a high-performing entrepreneur. As an extremely successful real estate entrepreneur and investor today, Roman Shapovalov has created milestones and has built everything from scratch with his adroitness and tenacity in the real estate space of the US.

He always feared not fulfilling the God-given potential and listened to his heart and followed his gut to enter a competitive industry like real estate. He took the chances and fearlessly went ahead in sculpting a career of his choice and today has created a fruitful career for himself.

Roman Shapovalov gives the top three skills that, according to him, can help turn entrepreneurs successful in any industry.

• People’s skills: How you communicate and interact with people helps define the person and entrepreneur you are. Hence, Roman Shapovalov suggests people to hone their people’s skills in business to hold great interactions with colleagues, employees, industry people and customers. These skills lead people to great productivity in business.

• Resilience: This stands as one of the most important skills for entrepreneurs, especially in industries like real estate, where things can even change quickly. People need to hone their skills and capabilities to withstand any sudden changes in the market and recover from the same, adjusting easily from the changing trends or situations in the market, says Roman Shapovalov.

• Courage: To even listen to what the heart seeks also needs courage. Roman Shapovalov says that people need to be more courageous when it comes to doing business, for the many risks involved and for also the decisions they might have to take alone during the process. Courage will help entrepreneurs to move fearlessly in the industry and take challenges head-on.

Advising other entrepreneurs, Roman Shapovalov says that they must invest their time in networking with other power players and also stay sharp. To gain more inspiration from him, follow him on Instagram @theromanq.

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