My aim is to develop a simple technological solution from the digital world Says Rahul Kumar Pandey

My aim is to develop a simple technological solution from the digital world Says Rahul Kumar Pandey

Rahul Kumar Pandey is an Indian entrepreneur who founded FNF MEDIA- An influencer marketing venture in Patna, Bihar. His tailor-made solutions for various social media platforms are derived from a deep understanding of client requirements and target audience and present out-reach. His cost-effective and impressive solutions are the reason behind his fast paced success. Rahul tops the list and excels even beyond his limits by imprinting his name in the elite list of influencer marketing entrepreneurs of India.

Rahul started FNF MEDIA in November 2017 at the age of 22 and having started with just one intern, the network and workforce of influencers are 10,000+ strong and wide today. In just two years, FNF MEDIA has successfully established ongoing businesses with big brands and Bollywood industry.
Born and raised in a middle-class family, Rahul was working as a civil engineer in a construction company and decided to quit his job and jump into entrepreneurship as soon as he realized that his ideas in the digital world can prove to be highly lucrative for others and himself. It was hope and belief of this 25-year-old entrepreneur which helped him carve his own niche in the digital world and become an inspiring example to many other youngsters like him. Mixing his talent of creativity and innovation in influencer marketing, his love and passion for his work together has given Rahul an individual successful path for him and a million rupees turnover in a couple of years.

In just a matter of few years, Rahul drew a success graph for all his clients and have helped them turn from ordinary to extraordinary in the digital field. Along with his host of varied influencer marketing strategies that include innovative planning, tactics, techniques, strategies for lead generation, social media marketing campaigns, planning to increase brand value and awareness through influencers, and many other inventive and distinctive strategies have always kept Rahul much ahead of his competition. He has heeded a good number of clientele popular in their respective niches and helped several MNCs, Politician & Celebrities by making their work effortless through his expertise in influencer marketing.

Check out actor Neil Nitin Mukesh’s tweet for him:

His ‘Earn From Home‘ – an influencer outreach program is an exclusive launch in this pandemic situation of COVID-19 which aim to help a lot of college students, housewives and a vast portion of our society who are keen to earn and work from their home.

Rahul has been working day and night and putting all his efforts into making his company most successful in their respective areas. Such vision and determination in a young man definitely show the reason behind his success.

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