Matt Mahvi: from owning 3 cybersecurity US patents to serving as a role model in the industry

Cybersecurity refers to the set of technologies and processes designed to protect programs, networks, servers, electronic systems, and devices from malicious attacks, cyber threats, damage, and unauthorized access. According to serial entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert Matt Mahvi, “Cyber-attacks are a genuine concern for every organization and business as it poses a great threat to the data security and other computerized systems. In particular, there’s always a threat looming on the government and military organizations, aviation industry, financial institutions, medical companies, media houses, e-commerce, and big corporations. Hence, it is vital to implement effective cybersecurity for protection as hackers are constantly inventing novel ways to access, modify, and destroy sensitive information for extortion purposes.”

Mahvi is the founder of Staminus, a prominent and reputed company specializing in global distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation and cybersecurity. He is particularly renowned for holding three technical cybersecurity utility U.S. patents and personally being involved in stopping more than 3.5 million individual attacks. A pioneer in his field, he has inspired several cybersecurity enthusiasts to opt for a career in the cybersecurity industry.

Prodded on the advice he would give to his followers, Mahvi says, “At the very outset, the field seems very exciting, but it is actually very challenging, making it imperative to have a complete understanding of the field to innovate solutions and stay one step ahead of the cyber attackers. Also, one must keep educating and upgrading their knowledge to offer infallible solutions to clients and gain credibility.” Mahvi inherently understands the intricacies of cybersecurity and has extensive experience designing and operating cybersecurity solutions, data centers, cloud software solutions, and global Internet backbones. He specializes in advanced low-level software architecture and hyper-scale projects requiring secure data communication.

Mahvi began his career in the field at the young age of 12 and started his first company three years later. Since then, he has launched three companies including, Staminus. The company’s repertoire comprises 100 reputed brands as clients, including the government and Fortune 500 companies, and successful protection of 1% of the internet. In 2016, he successfully led the company to acquisition at 14 times the revenue. Today, he uses his expertise to invest in cybersecurity, telecommunications, and financial technology firms and steer them to success. He has also written numerous well-acclaimed articles and has sat on many cybersecurity panels at prestigious events.

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