Match fixing IPL & KPL bookies arrested, why is Power Sportz office under CCTV Cover?

Match fixing IPL & KPL bookies arrested, why is Power Sportz office under CCTV Cover?

In a sensational revelation a bookie has opened up about the match fixing in India’s Sports Ecosystem. Yeah, the matter is up again, of course the whole thing started with the Bangladeshi cricketer Shakib Al Hasan’s illicit links with Indian Bookie. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end here, in fact it is the beginning of the story. Shakib might have been banned for two years, but he is not the one who is solely behind all this. 

Ever since Power Sportz, has brought the matter of MATCH FIXING with a proof into the limelight through the most-watched show “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” things have changed for the channel too. As, Power Sportz’ office is under CCTV cover. But the question is WHY???

They have just produced to matter in front of the public. How is it crime to tell the truth? We tried to to reach out the founder and Editor-in-Chief Ms Kanthi D Suresh but she seems to be unavailable for giving any further comment. Kanthi D Suresh in the show that was aired on Friday night at 8 pm on Power Sportz, asked some pertinent questions to which the bookie along with few example apprised how the whole match fixing thing happen in cricket and football. 

Moreover, bookie in the “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” show can be seen telling how people from ground level to top level are involved in a match fixing, he even shared how illegal betting happens in India, and also he told about the entire nexus. 

Ever since the matter has come, the police is also active and has arrested many IPL & KPL bookies Pan India, Let’s see what the next turn would be…….

To know more about the matter!! Do watch “TALKING TURKEY WITH KANTHI,” AN EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM On MATCH FIXING!!  


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