Kay Sukumar – The Model Portfolio Maestro

A good portfolio is as important to a model as a stethoscope to doctors. It is the first thing that is required for a model and its not a one time thing, it needs to be constantly updated and improved upon through out the models career to consistently be growing and landing bigger jobs. A good test shoot with well reputed photographers who understand the importance of having an eye- catching portfolio that is focused upon the model is without a doubt the most important thing an already established model or an aspiring model or a new face model can do for him/herself. Without a good portfolio, the true beauty of the model is not well represented and hence often missed by casting directors and producers. This is where Kay Sukumar, the model portfolio maestro shines.

Trusted by some of the biggest modeling agencies and casting directors, Kay Sukumar with his distinct style is known to capture the models in a light that sets them apart and get them noticed.  Working regularly with new faces from IMG models, Tess Management, Premier models, STORM Lodon, Kay Sukumar has built himself a reputation of creating unique, effortless and strong images for upcoming models to add to there portfolios and in return get booked on big commercials and editorials.

Kay Sukumar likes to keep his model portfolios simple and more about the models than anything else. His simplistic approach, clean lighting style, minimal make up, effortless hair combined with current trends does the trick.

Model Portfolios in Sydney, Australia

Kay Sukumar has worked with several, now well known models when they first started there careers. From top agencies in Sydney like, Chic management, Vivian’s Model Management, IMG Models and models such as Zoe Barnard, Bella Brown, Megan Puleri, Jesinta franklin, Samantha Harris, Alannah Walton, Mimi Elashiry, Ethan Turnbull, Mia Cotton to name a few who have grown from that and are now doing exceptionally well.

Model Portfolios in London, United Kingdom

Making London his home, Kay Sukumar shoots regularly for some of the biggest agencies in London including, STORM models, Tess Management, Established Models, Models1, MILK, Select Model Management, Premier Models, VIVA London, Elite Model Management to name a few working with top celebrity models like Daisy lowe, Vicky McClure, Ella Hope Merryweather, Ilaria Bici, Sienna King, Raf Law to name a few.

With a reputation to give every shoot a 100%, Kay has also travelled to Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, India, building portfolios of multiple up and coming models.

Due to his eye for new faces, Kay Sukumar briefly helped MILK Model Management as there model scout helping them scout and develop the new faces. His photography career eventually took over as he got busier and busier and had to stop scouting new faces as finding new and unique faces does take time and effort and it cant be rushed. Kay still consults with a lot of modeling agency’s and advices them on there new faces and scouting. This way he can still keep up to date with the new faces in agencies being scouted as well as watch and help them develop and shine.

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