Google Doodle Celebrates National Liberation Day of Korea 2020

The present Doodle celebrates National Liberation Day of Korea, watched every year on the date in 1945 when the Korean Peninsula isolated from Japanese guideline. After three years, a similar date denoted the re-foundation of a free South Korea.

Portrayed in the Doodle fine art is the South Korean banner, the nuts and bolts of which were first planned in 1882. At the focal point of the banner is the roundabout t’aegŭk, got from the old way of thinking of yin and yang. The red speaks to positive powers and the blue negative, however together in the t’aegŭk these entwined segments represent duality and all inclusive parity. Encompassing the circle are four trigrams that together imply motion and development in its numerous structures, from the four seasons to the cardinal bearings.

Happy National Liberation Day, Korea!

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